Randal Cox

The Pretanic Islands Saga - (2008-2010)

The Pretanic Island Saga - Series

A series of three adventures set during the rise of the Venezian empire. Can the humanoid crew of the Venture and their human allies rescue the Pretanic Islands and restore the Republic?

Pretanic Islands Saga: Up a Rope (2010) - with pictures!

Up a Rope

The Pretanic Islands Saga - Episode 3 - Up a Rope

What chance do a bunch of stinky humanoids and turncoat human scum have against the Goddess of Darkness? Gad-zooks, you're up a rope for sure! Eternal night, betrayal, and the walking dead are the least of your worries: This headache is gonna kill you. Hmm, maybe death and eternal darkness doesn't sound so bad after all. Get set for hilarious role playing, puzzles, and all-around mayhem for our 31st consecutive year at Gen Con.

A 3 round, team advancement tournament. Round 2: Saturday @ 1 pm. Round 3: Saturday @ 7 pm. Awards party: Saturday @ 11 pm.

Pretanic Islands Saga: In a Pot (2009) - With Pictures!

In A Pot

The Pretanic Islands Saga - Episode 2 - In A Pot

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I in this large iron stew pot? Is it warm in here or is it just my imagination? Find out what’s cooking in our 30th year of puzzle-solving, role playing goodness. Characters include a bugbear captain, thieving kobold dancing twins, a human sorcerer, a goblin cleric and a gypsy woman. A 3 round, team advancement tournament. Round 2: Saturday @ 1 pm. Round 3: Saturday @ 7 pm. Awards party: Saturday @ 11 pm.

Pretanic Islands Saga: Into The Wind (2008)

Into The Wind

The Pretanic Islands Saga - Episode I - Into the Wind

All the power of Venezia poises to crush the Islands. What can six smelly humanoids do against that? Whatever you decide, it's sure to involve puzzles, role playing, and exotic locales. Characters include a Bugbear captain, a Gnollish old sea-dog, a Venezian emissary, a couple of Kobold dance hall girls, and a faithful lackey.

Second: Chances (2002)

Second Chances

Your home is besieged by a mysterious plague. Unless you can find a cure, madness will destroy the entire country. Search for the remedy while solving puzzles and discovering the origins of the modern D & D landscape.

This tournament was written for and run at Gen Con 2002, the last year Gen Con was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It also coincided with the 25th anniversary of Elvis' death. Not that Teevus is anything like Elvis. Really.

Second: Wave (2003)

Second Wave

This just in...a plague is ravaging your home, and only you know the cure. Now if you can just help that eccentric scientist get the Dwarven Sippin' Liquor before the evil goddess with the high tech weapons gets you. Yep, once again we've got a zany time travel adventure for role-players who love character interaction and puzzles. Did we mention the pig wrasslin'?

Second: Time (2004)

Second Time

Gadzooks! Lilth used her time machine to steal Teevus' mojo! Now he feels like an old Hound Dog chewing on a Blue Suede Shoe. Are you going to let that no good spider goddess get away with it?